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Jul. 15th, 2019 @ 02:46 pm well...that's a thing
Current Mood: amusedamused

Okay so I finished the Truly Victorian Chemise pattern...I'm not sure I would recommend it. I find it...to be a very unflattering nightgown or a pinafore that makes me look 3. good thing it doesn't matter as no one will ever see it. I found the assembly instructions she provided down right inane. 1. it's MUCH easier to put in the yoke if you do it flat before you assemble the sides. 2. she leaves a ton of edges and just says "finish with lace" these edges being things that are much easier to finish BEFORE the yoke is added...so I kinda just said screw it and did my own thing. 

Next up I'm going to shift focus and work on the skirt and shirtwaist as I can fake it with my victorian corset and petticoats but at the very least I need the outers and the event is less than a month away O.O 
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Apr. 11th, 2019 @ 10:20 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
 A little under a week until the YVD and it's time to take some serious stock of things, I just finished hemming my skirt with teeny weeny Amanda sized stitches because it's sheer and you can see. really specific lists help me see progress so this shall be in steps

  • Gather to a waistband
  • darts
  • sew bodice to skirt
  • back closures
  • ribbons
  • bertha
Other Crap that I hope to finish but most likely won't

  • Finish Rob's neck stock
  • shorten petticoat with a tuck
  • white petticoat as I realized my ivory on looks weird with the sheer dress
  • lace on pelerine
  • some kind of head covering for the picnic
  • make side puffers from curls I ordered on ebay
  • bustle
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Mar. 10th, 2019 @ 11:35 am change
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
 I've been reflecting a lot on change this weekend. Rob left me last night to go to a concert and play a memorial video he put together for a musician we knew at the Ren Faire (yes I was invited. no I didn't want to go. I was feeling quiet). I haven't seen said musician in a long time or the band, but looking at the short snippets he shot on his phone it's weird to me that only one of the original band members is remaining from 2006...but then 2006 was 13 years ago. Wasn't my summer romance to his man I married just yesterday? 

So I was sitting at home alone and feeling nostalgic. Last night was the Francaise Dinner and I was feeling nostalgic for the simpler times. I'm sad that an event I loved so much and helped start is a place where I no longer feel welcome. I miss the times when my costume life and friendships didn't feel so damn complicated. I am well aware of my faults and contributions to the great schism but...while I don't want to go back to the way it was before sometimes it's easy to view those times with rose colored glasses. It also feels like last year not seven years ago...where did the time go? I wish the fences could be mended and friendships that are lost could at least not feel like scars and instead like acquaintances. I know at least I'm not the person I was. How could I be? I think something as major as a career change from theater to nursing has to change you in some ways. I hope it's for the better. 

And I do hope that this new group of costumers that I see going to the Francaise Dinner now and I can be friends someday. I do love meeting new people and making new friends. It's kind of strange to realize we aren't the "new" generation of costumers, there's a whole wave who have never heard of LJ or long for the days of dress diaries. Hell they think blogs are out dated probably. 

Well Rob's going to drag me to captain marvel today, perhaps that can pull me out of my nostalgic fog. 
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Mar. 4th, 2019 @ 10:20 pm scary appointment one done
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
 an update on the journey to the center of my uterus 

cut for those who don't care about my fertility Collapse )
suddenly it all feels rather real and slightly terrifying. I mean that's normal right? 

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Feb. 22nd, 2019 @ 11:05 am Good News Friday
Current Mood: chipperchipper
 I'm going to steal a page from [personal profile] brickhousewench and do a good news Friday post. 

1. I survived my work week and I'm off from my real job till Tuesday! I have to do 4 hours on Saturday at the office job but that's just easy fun money.  

2. I got a $3/hr raise at work! for no reason! well not for NO reason but they evaluated everyone's salary and they're trying to "be more competitive" which is crazy to me as they did the same thing last year and I got a $4 raise so yeah in a year I'm up $7!? cray. 

3. I'm going to Disney with my favorite kid for his Make-a-Wish trip and I'm crazy excited! We are going to have SO MUCH fun. It'll be me, him, the director of nursing and the recreational therapist. Sometime in March not sure the exact dates yet. Rob's thinking of going to disney at the same time and staying with his friend Ryan who works there and we could meet up for dinner or something. 

4. Ellie got groomed on Tuesday so she's super soft and less sheddy. 

5. Ellie starts class on Monday! It's her second level obedience class which is the pre-requisite for the therapy dog class. I'm also stupid excited for that.

6. I did some sewing on my 1830s stays. I got all the gores put in and I'm up to the "now you have to figure out the cording pattern, oh and where did you PUT the cording" 

Today my plan is to work on the cording, poke the embroidery, and find the coffee table as I have friends coming for sewing day on Sunday which I'm greatly looking forward to.  
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Feb. 14th, 2019 @ 09:40 pm full disclosure
Current Mood: tiredtired
 I'm struggling a little. Not in the "I can't function" way more in the "I'm having trouble getting off my butt to do more than the most basic levels of function" I just had a string of days off and did I do any of the things I really should have done? like the pile of dishes, the mountain of laundry or the hefty list of sewing due before the YVD? um...I did two hoops worth of embroidery and cut out a set of stays...so not enough. at this rate I'll be at the YVD in absolutely nothing new.

oh and I've been eating so much junk food WHILE sitting on my butt that I'm frankly afraid to step on a scale. 

*sigh* basically I want a hug I guess...and tomorrow I start my 3 day slog of 3- 12 hour shifts in a row.
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Jan. 17th, 2019 @ 10:03 pm cause I need a new hobby like a hole in the head
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Back in the fall on the morning after the Pimpernel Dinner [personal profile] koshka_the_cat gave an impromptu tambour embroidery class and I casually mentioned how fun it would be to learn them promptly forgot. Fast forward till Christmas and Rob surprised me with a kit consisting of the hoop you need and the hooks. yay! I promptly annoyed Katherine with a million questions and then practiced on a piece of muslin with some perle cotton thread just to get the basic rhythm down.

On Tuesday night (weirdest night ever) the Museum of the American Revolution is having an after hours thing and the usual suspects and I are going. (we'll pretend I don't have a 5am wakeup call on wednesday. what I miss seeing my friends) and it's supposed to be negative 40 degrees so I thought it was a good moment to finally make some silk mitts...and were there any examples with tambour embroidery?

(sold but agusta auctions)

hey check that out! granted they're on muslin but close enough for my purposes. so I pulled out some muslin and started fucking around with a pattern. The first mock up I did I centered the thumb hole on the fold line and then realized it has to go off center as more of you thumb is on the palm side, kind of like more of your arm is on the front bodice than the back.



Then I traced my pattern on paper and kinda drew something similar to the above embroidery, clearly that one was just free-handed onto the mitts as they'e not the same and not symmetrical so I went with a loose approach.


I got one full mitt embroidered today and started the second. I'd like to finish the embroidery over the next three days after work. Which probably means I won't do any.


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Jan. 13th, 2019 @ 05:47 pm A Fancy Dress party
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Prepare for a long rambley event post. I've not even going to put it behind a cut as no one reads this thing anymore but people who claim to like event posts.

It was determined that [personal profile] hiraimi 's house was the most central point of departure and that taking on car was best because of the cost of parking. So I rolled out to her house and was EARLY in fact I was the first one there. I know, what world is this! We were all there by noon, carefully packed (five costumers don't pack...lightly) it's a really good thing it was only a one night event. And we were off!

The drive was smooth, I texted [personal profile] mandie_rw 's imaginary boyfriend taunting things. We discussed cabbages and kings and made very good time. The sexy Scotsman (as we have named [personal profile] blackcat452 's Highlander) was a very comfortable ride so despite being packed in around us we were very comfy and made great time. Arriving at the hotel pretty much at 3 on the nose.

I did the easiest historical hair I've ever done. I had put my hair in pin curls the night before and just took them out, pulled it half back and pinned. I put on a thick layer of make up, my rosacea has been horrible lately. I really think I'm due to see a dermatologist, and got dressed again in record time. I'm NEVER dressed before [personal profile] mandie_rw by 4:00 we were toddling down the hall to collect the other room and by 4:37 we were calling for a very confused Lyft driver.



I kind of am having a love affair of Alice in curly bangs. I know she can't have them every day because ew hairstyling every day, but boy do I love them on her.


We arrived at Carolyn's maybe 10 min later and were some of the first people to arrive. Her house is AMAZING. The woodwork alone was enough to make my heart swoon. Then all the fire places and Christmas decor and and and *happy sigh*


The Victorian Photography Studio was there taking tintypes and while I did buy one of [personal profile] mandie_rw and I (in which we're BOTH making epic derp face) I also took a long hair one with Taylor and Alice (and felt like my hair wasn't nearly long enough). And one with Carolyn holding her new (antique) sterograph.


Aside from taking photos and eating my body weight in delicious cheese the company was really amazing.


It was satisfying to wear the alphabet dress again, and get more decent photos. I thought the new tiara was a nice addition and my first experiments with worbla.


We came home in the picturesque snow to our hotel STARVING and wandered down to the little "marketplace" they have. I got a salad and Amanda soup. We ate. we chatted. we slept. Then we got up early and headed out through the snowy roads home. The sexy Scotsman did superbly in the snow and we got home with no issues. By 1:30 I was napping on my couch

and now Rob is watching the Eagles game and he is NOT happy...oy
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Jan. 3rd, 2019 @ 10:17 pm a small resolution
Current Mood: amusedamused
I'm going to knit at least one row on any project a day. 

I find knitting to be very meditative and I think that will really help me. 

I currently have like 20" of straight knitting left on one project and 13 rows left on the first panel of the pinball.  

Today I worked on the straight knitting project that's supposed to be a gift but I'm fairly certain I don't have enough yarn so I'll end up frogging it. I have two skeins and I need 32" of knitting so if I can't get skein 1 to reach 16" then I'm SOL, I suspect that won't happen but I'm far enough into it I might as well solder on. Plus it's worsted so it goes fairly fast.
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Jan. 1st, 2019 @ 01:18 pm Happy New year!
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic

Current status in the Coccagna household. I can hear Rob snoring from the office. Ellie had SO much fun last night. we had a rather impromptu party that I shall call quite successful. Ellie got to throughly sniff [personal profile] mandie_rw 's imaginary boyfriend and deemed him worthy lap status. Poor Tom probably didn't realize he was now going to have to pet her ALL THE TIMEZ. Ellie has the funniest habit of claiming people. "you. you're nice. now you pet me." and just sitting on them/their laps/their feet etc. I suspect Amanda has a dog in her future as he is definitely dog people.

I guess it's not a New Years post if I don't do a costume year in review.

I didn't make nearly as much as some years.Collapse )That got long so I guess I'll do a separate post for my 2019 plans...slash I should really make some 2019 plans.
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