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Nov. 4th, 2019 @ 01:23 pm lab results
I really enjoy that I can look up my own labs on Quest's website rather than waiting for them to call me and tell me. Looks like my mono result was negative (phew. kinda suspected as I already feel so much better) and my strep was also negative. So maybe it was Strep B or G or who knows. Whatever it was responded to the meds and I already feel significantly better. *shrug* I'll take it. 
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Nov. 4th, 2019 @ 11:50 am productive sewing day
In a rare turn of events I had what was my most productive sewing day in YEARS yesterday. Amanda says we're all feeling the panic (she is right). I FINISHED my grandpa pants fully. And they fit very well and are very derpy. It feels strange to have pants with no pockets but there was no point in putting in pockets, I'll have a dress over it. I also got all the bias whipped down inside the dress. 

I also sized up the shawl on Amanda and decided to finish the pink stripe I was in and do one additional teal and one pink. So 20 more rows total. Last night after everyone left I was allowed to do 2 rows of knitting before Ellie was ADAMANT it was bedtime, it was actually kind of funny. 

My goal for today is to knit the rest of my teal row so that I'm 10 rows away from binding off, and piece the fabric and cut the sleeves.  So far I've watched the price is right with a dog on my feet and knitted 2 rows so I'm 4 in. I think I might pause and make mac and cheese for lunch... 
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Nov. 2nd, 2019 @ 05:16 pm so we may need to re-evaluate those goals...
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
I was going to get SO MUCH done for Gettysburg right?! I'm on day 19 of what I thought was a cold. I finally went to the Doctor yesterday after what seemed like improvement turned into "spiking a fever and getting worse." My main complaint was the sore throat, without advil in my system I had trouble swallowing (I actually debated getting liquid advil for first thing in the morning).  I had asked a Dr. at work to run a rapid strep on tuesday so I thought it wasn't that but on Friday I caved and went in. 

She looked at my throat, said it looked awful and I either had "impressive strep" or possibly mono. She did a throat culture to check for strep and blood work to check for mono. I went home with a z-pack incase of strep and because my right ear drum was bulging so I probably was also working on an ear infection and a medrol dosepak (steroid taper) because while you can't treat mono steroids really help the swelling in you throat go down.  I started both yesterday and I would say I definitely do feel some improvement. I still cough if laying flat but I can swallow all by myself without drug help! The one awful thing is that steriods can apparently amp up anxiety and sleeplessness so I'm super tired but can't turn off my brain and the hamster wheel of anxiety enough to sleep.  Doesn't help that Ellie is having a very unsettled day that started at 4am with barking at things in the yard. 

That said I have gotten zero sewing done and almost no knitting. So here are my new goals

1. Finish rational dress
2. Finish A's shawl
3. pray Jenny-Roses' plaid ballgown fits and I can borrow it
4. dinner bodice? re-wear day gown to dinner? add sleeves to orange ballgown? 

I think I should buy a dinner bodice pattern....
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Oct. 24th, 2019 @ 09:38 pm maybe if I post more I'll sew more?
Current Mood: blahblah
I'm struuuuggling here with the motivation for Gettysburg. Besides Amanda who is definitely bringing the inspo it feels like most of my group is re-wearing or done or making-under-duress. JESS SHARE MORE I KNOW YOU'VE SEWED A BUNCH and I'm just...slogging. But perhaps if I'm better about talking about it I'll be more inspired to sew.

so far the only thing I've touched is my rational dress. and to be fair it's the only thing I NEED

I've mostly made a very questionable pair of pants. But really you're only going to see from the knee down so who cares.


Also I just cut the same length Alice did...spoiler alert I look like I'm 7 and wearing my dad's pants. She got waaay more leg than me.

I didn't feel like putting a waistband on them so I skipped that and started the dress portion. I mean it's all got to be done anyway right? I basted in the half lining and sewed the pieces together. I had to whip down the seam allowances over the lining as it frays like a mofo. Tonight I cut out the bias strips for the edge finishing and a wider bit for the hem facing.

To Do:
- pants waistband
-pants buttons
-hem pants

-finish CFs
-finish neckline

I had said I wanted this dress and the body of Amanda's shawl done by Halloween. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha At least the shawl is coming along well.


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Oct. 9th, 2019 @ 11:17 am finally knitting weather
Current Mood: artisticartistic
 it's beautiful and breezy in the 60s here. I have all the windows open and am enjoying a cup of tea and a cozy blanket. It's DIVINE. It's perfect knitting weather, which means I shall now never sew anything for Gettysburg but Amanda will have a shawl. And I have a knitting stretch goal of knit undersleeves. I've been admiring a pair Prior Attire sells and I think I can make my own...maybe. I'm probably 1/3 of the way done with the body of the shawl? I should measure how big I'm actually going to make it and math. 

So instead of sewing lets talk about my outfit plans....

Thursday- we arrive, wear civvies. Possible I'll sit around in my wrapper if I"m REALLY motivated or Amanda does it and I wanna be cool. 

Friday Day- Some form of day dress. There's a few options. My black velvet bodice with my orange check ballgown skirt, The blue plaid dress I'm kidding myself that I'm going to make...

Friday Night- ballgown. I have ZERO inspiration for this one. I could retrim my orange check ballgown but I really wasn't loving it last year so I think I'd like to make a solid ballgown bodice? maybe? I just felt meh in my last one and I'm honestly toying with my alphabet dress because I just LIKE It more. I dunno. someone inspire me. 

Saturday day- Rational dress. This is actually started, barely. I mocked up and cut out the dress portion and have cut out the pants. I'm planning to sew pants first as they sound hardest. 

Saturday night- Dinner outfit. I WANT to make a bodice to go with my plaid dayskirt that I've worn the last few years. I also could make sleeves for the orange ballgown bodice and make that a dinner outfit, I've seen at least 3 or 4 examples of that. 

I was pondering something like this but with a low square neckline? it's a similar proportion to my plaid and I could add some skirt decoration in this mythical world where I get 10x the amount done. OR i make it like this and wear it on Friday and do the ballgown/bodice version for dinner. That may be more realistic than making a new blue dress, not that the skirt is the part that's hard...

I think I might need to take one or two PTO days in November to plan to give myself some sewing time, because bare minimum I need rational dress, a dinner bodice, and giant ballgown question mark....for now I'm enjoying sitting on the couch knitting. 
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Sep. 9th, 2019 @ 09:20 pm Belvidere 2019
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Yesterday I went to Belvidere Victorian Days, which in itself isn't weird, but for the first time I went without a close friend. Yes I saw people I knew, but none of the usual suspects went, and it felt very out of my comfort zone to go "alone." But somehow it didn't bother me? Rob was surprised the day of when he suddenly realized I was going solo, I guess I hadn't talked about it at all.


I wore my 1882 tea gown that I made for last year, but honestly I love it so much I'd wear it a million times. Something about it makes me look so curvy in all the photos...which I am very much not actually.


I met up with Mick and Shane and mostly hung with them or bounced over and saw Lara. It was very relaxing and kind of freeing to realize I can have a good time without my security blanket. The weather was beyond perfect, 70s and breezy. We had a formal tea time with china and laughed a lot.

The shopping at Belvidere is sadly not what it once was. But I did get a few things from Lara. I got a Young's Improved Plaiter board (pleater) which is magic as far as I can tell. Now I want to pleat ALL THE THINGS. And the CUTEST pair of slippers. I have zero idea how old they really are, but they're super comfy and I think they're darling.


They changed the fashion show this year and instead of being one old lady's collection of misdated things they put out a call to all participants who wanted to show their work. Which meant it was a really mixed bag. Some very interesting interpretations, some lovely tailored things, a few beginners who made solid dresses straight out of TV patterns...

All in all it was a lovely day and I'm glad I went. It really remains my favorite event, even if the shopping isn't great. what I want out of an event is to relax and laugh a lot. mission accomplished. 
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Aug. 15th, 2019 @ 10:09 pm and for my next trick...
Current Mood: amusedamused
My next thing to sew for is Gettysburg and I'm determined to actually work on things ahead of time. I don't actually NEED anything new. I have a full 1860s wardrobe which really does take the pressure off, but I would like a few new things.
  1. I need to re-trim my orange check ballgown so I actually like it. It's totally do-able
  2. rational dress outfit
  3. new day dress with evening bodice out of blue plaid I bought off Amanda
  4. berlin work slippers to wear around the B&B with my wrapper
One of those is TOTALLY not necessary...so I of course started there. But there's something SO NICE about a lap project I can sit on the couch and work on. I bought the crewel wool for it in May at Amanda's fancy needlework store. (it wasn't cheap but what's the point of a handwork hobby if not to keep tiny handwork shops open). Yesterday I fished out the bag and managed to figure out which skeins went with which colors. I had to substitute some (my berries will be orange instead of red) and I got one less green than required and one other thing I combined but forget now. I made myself a handy swatch chart or I'd never remember.
Part of why they will be $60 slippers is that a) I bought enough canvas for me AND alice and that was more expensive than you'd guess and b) I picked a design with 50 billion colors that I'll use 12" of each. OH WELL I LIKE COMPLICATED. In for a penny in for a pound right?


I imagine this will take me till like gettysburg 2021 but hey I started right? 
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Aug. 12th, 2019 @ 04:47 pm Longwood Gardens Edwardian Stroll
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
In the end I managed most of my sewing for our Longwood outing. I did not make a stock collar, but looking at Alice's super tall collar I don't think I have enough neck for it anyway. I also didn't make a belt, partially because I forgot, and partially because I did a quick sweep and didn't have any fabric that wanted to be a belt and sort of matched. I wore it with a brown ribbon, but it didn't matter because my shirtwaist is SO blousy it hung over it.

I got there super early because I'm always late and dammit. I wanted to be ontime. Dressed myself fully in the parking lot and was just figuring out how to fish my sunglasses out of the car with a bird wing on my hat when Adrienne and Mackenzie rolled in. I did film a very amusing (to me) clip of myself dressing in the parking lot as I was kidding myself that I would "vlog"

The weather was STUNNING. It was warm but with a steady cool breeze and low humidity it was super pleasant. The news claimed it was the nicest day of the summer and I'm tempted to agree with them.

Everyone else came mostly dressed so it was just a few min of gathering bits and picking up a Taylor in the parking lot before we headed inside to find more of our group. All in it was a group of about 20 breathing bodies, 3 of whom were Alice's ADORABLE 2 nieces and nephew who are visiting from the UK. Somehow Alice managed to perfectly costume five people in like a week..and they were perfection!


This is the picture of those who made it till 6:00 closing time, We had a lot of people arrive late and some who left early so I never managed one good group photo.

In terms of my outfit I'm hoping Amanda got some full length photos as I didn't really.


The sad but true reason is because I felt fat and uncomfortable and didn't WANT to ask someone to take my picture. :-/ all I see is that I'm a giant white blob. I have no waist. I wore Rob's 1860s cravat on a whim and regret it in every picture, it hides the insertion work I did on the shirtwaist. I had my hat tipped so far back you can't see the amazing wing and it looks like a cowboy hat instead.


I did however think everyone else looked stunning, and as someone who really enjoys photography I loved getting to take all their pictures. Alice and Amanda seem to be so perfectly lithe and elegant and made for this era. I had major lust for Amanda's super sharp jacket.


I think as a unit we were a stunning view at Longwood that's for sure. Looking forward to going back sometime.


For my next wearing of this outfit I want to finish a belt, lose 50lbs, and ponder some skirt embellishment. So many of the originals have it, but would it detract from the elegant line? unsure. 
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Jul. 29th, 2019 @ 02:40 pm taking stock
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
 Okay the Longwood Gardens Stroll is less than 2 weeks away. Lets take stock and then delve into a serious corset conversation.

1. Chemise- done (me?! finish something!?)

2. Bloomers- not getting made, gonna wear my cotton pettipants

3. Corset cover- I think I'm going to order off amazon and shorten this nightgown.

4. Petticoat- bought an antique off ebay that should fit me, [personal profile] mandie_rw  talked me out of feeling bad about it as there are hundreds around that aren't remarkable enough to be in a museum so why should they just rot or be cut up for some old lady's crafting habit and not worn. 

5. Skirt- the hem with facing, interfacing and full lining is done but it's too long so I need to shorten the top edge about 2" and put on a waistband. possibly two darts in the sides of the front for more of a nipped in waist. 

6. Shirtwaist- I traced my size of the TV pattern off onto true grid and got that cut off. Need to make a mock up. I was planning to use leftover "sheer white shit from the YVD" as there's a done lying around but the biggest bits are organdy and I don't want to joust with my pigeon breast. The second largest is a yard and a half of voile from Farmhouse fabrics...gonna do a mock up and see if I can squeeze it out. I want to lose the giant sleeve goiters anyway so that'll cut down on yardage and she always massively over estimates yardage I feel. 

7. Which brings me to The Corset *cue dramatic music* I wanted to try making a mesh corset with Amanda for science! and I bought the TV edwardian corset and cut it out according to her sizing and...holding it up over my modern clothes it looked like a hot fucking mess yesterday. too small in the waist, ENORMOUS in the boobs with bust gussets the size of my head. I was all prepared last night to throw $300 at the problem and buy a Redthreaded corset to save my sanity...but our house needs $4k of work this fall and Rob's job tomorrow got cancelled and I really shouldn't spend that much on a corset. 

Here's my plan- I'm going to bone the CB and put in the grommets so I can actually lace it. I'm going to make the bust pads so I have those to try on with fittings and then I'm going to try it on over my chemise. That'll give me at least a better idea what I'm working with. I suspect if I take out the giant bust gore and replace it with a smaller size one I'll get myself almost to a workable place. When I held it up to myself in a pj shirt and no bra this morning the bust gappage wasn't nearly as bad, so maybe trying it on over a modern bra is just the worst thing ever. I mean other people make this thing work for them! 
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Jul. 18th, 2019 @ 12:18 am (no subject)
Current Mood: chipperchipper

Now that the chemise is past the point where if I put it down I'd never remember what these random linen bits are (will it ever get lace? probably not) I've started to think about the rest of my outfit. [personal profile] mandie_rw helpfully suggested I should skip to the outside as I can fake the underwear but not the dress. she is wise. I decided to start with the skirt first as if I get totally desperate I COULD order ye olde blouse on amazon and Amanda is gonna let me buy her leftover insertion lace so we can majorly be twins...I'm amazed she puts up with me following her around copying her like the older-younger sister she didn't need or want.

I'm using this ageless patterns skirt pattern because I have it. the last 2 times I made it I was 1. thinner and 2. made it too short. BOTH TIMES. so THIS TIME I was determined to make it too long. We'll see how I do. The last 2 time I made it I also didn't put any thought into it beyond an unlined skirt with horsehair in the hem. This time I'm going for broke in the "look nicer" category and I'm going to line, interline AND face the hem.


Today I managed to pattern it out (I had to add 10" to the waist. so good for my ego y'all) and I de-trained it as a skirt for walking in the garden seems silly to have a train.  And I cut out the lining which will be the premium muslin from Joann's. Tomorrow my goal is to cut the interlining and fashion fabric and begin basting all the pieces before work...wish me luck I seem to be moving at a snails pace.
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